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Relocating your business to a new premise creates disruption for everybody in your organization. We understand this fact and follow a professional and methodical approach in this regard. A detailed relocation plan will be drafted to suit your specific needs with least disruption to your daily office administration.

All our removal staff exceed the minimum requirements in terms of ability and attitude when it comes to office relocation. The staff that we use fulfill the requirements of being literate, numerate, honest, trustworthy and responsible. The foremen (Supervisors) are fluent English speakers.

Any staff member who fails to meet the expected standards of performance would become a liability to our organization and appropriate action would be taken. We are well aware that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance in this service industry.

At the office relocation site all staff are required to wear  BAFA uniform. Apart from providing a smart, neat appearance, this enables security and employed staff of the client to easily identify the BAFA movers removal personnel, particularly if they are on site during the normal working hours.


BAFA removal operatives are not permitted to use radios, personal stereos or the like whilst they are working on site at any of our client’s premises. They are not permitted to eat or drink on site except in those areas specially designed for this purpose by the client. Smoking on site and of course the drinking alcohol whilst on duty is strictly forbidden at all times.



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